Trading Sessions

Trade on Forex is carried on round the clock from Monday through Friday. Far fewer transactions are made on weekends since the main participants, i.e. commercial and central banks, insurance companies, and pension funds are closed on Saturday and Sunday. Trading sessions are not held or carried out to a lesser extent during national holidays: Christmas, Easter, Chinese New Year, etc.

The opportunity to trade on Forex around the clock is conditioned by the geography of regions where the main currency trading is carried out, that is, when one trading session ends, another trading session starts . For the sake of convenience, the distinguish 4 main regions where the majority of transactions are made: Asian, Pacific, European, and American. Each region includes several major cities where main stock exchanges are located. See the list of cities pertaining to each market in the table below.

Owing to around-the-clock operation of the market, companies, banks, funds and individual traders have the opportunity to make transactions with the currency at any time. For convenience, operation of all centers is regulated by the Eastern European Time (EET). The beginning and end of trading sessions is specified in EET in the table.

Region City Open Close
ASIA Singapore 03:00 11:00
Hong Kong 04:00 10:00
Tokyo 02:00 08:00
AMERICA Chicago 17:00 01:00
New-York 16:30 23:00
EUROPE Moscow 09:00 17:50
London 10:00 18:30
Frankfurt am Main 10:00 21:00
PACIFIC Sydney 00:00 08:00
Wellington 01:00 07:45
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